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"My art allows me to explore what animates us all -
what drives us to grow beyond our limitations -
and become more and bigger than our environment."


Some of you may have checked in on my old site which was not kept current and languished for lack of input from me.

My past computer phobias have been resolved.

I am pleased to tell you, and show you that I am now fully embracing and enjoying this technology, at my young age.

I hope you will bear with me on my steep learning curve and I promise that I will reward you with the best information and understanding I have.

Sharing ones personal truth is a bit like flashing the world and hoping no one laughs... either way, this site is for those who are open to receive.

My truth will not necessarily be your truth, but I am willing to share what works for me.

Everyone is unique with specific talents, skills, and ways of seeing the world. However, our society has not always been kind to those who imagine, think, and speak out of the traditional box; to those whose talents do not align with the current accepted constructs.

Although the designated topic of this site is 'art', I have a difficult time separating the various aspects of my life into clear segments, because I see everything and everyone intimately connected. So...expect the inclusion of multiple subjects that tend to slide in... especially into my blog.

Because we all see life through our own unique filters - what you receive from this site will be life as seen from my paradigm...the Fox Translation Of Life...if you will.

This seems like as good of place as any to spring my 'MOTHER OF ALL DISCLAIMERS' upon you. NOTHING I SAY, WRITE, SHOW, DESCRIBE, OR ILLUDE TO MAY BE TRUE FOR YOU! It is, however, true for me and seems to work for me.

I can only share with you who I am and what I believe. My intent here is to help and empower you with any truth or information that resonates with your core.

While I will always have a strong opinion about everything, I will never attempt to persuade you to see life as I see it. I expect you to give that same honor to me.

I share because by seeing how others uniquely interpret life it helps us appreciate and love music, theatre, the physical arts, dance, poetry and books even more.

Early in life I began to ask questions that were uncomfortable for my authority figures to answer. As I began to mature it became even worse. I hoped that life was more than just what met the eye...surely there must be a bigger picture.

I searched for a way to make sense of the world around me. I looked for some 'magic hoop' or looking glass that would somehow fit all the disheveled pieces of life's puzzle together and make a believable picture I could relate to.

The first magic hoop or lens that worked for me was art. I began to see life through the eyes of an artist...and later as a sculptor.

Art forced me to do what I love to do anyway; look even deeper into life and ask better questions. A wise person once said that the quality of life is directly related to the quality of our questions. I relate to that.

In my life and artistic career I have made more than my share of mistakes. Because of these mistakes and my love of helping to empower others I am an excellent teacher.

Now I don't wish to wear my mistakes like a badge, but it is imperative to know not to be afraid to fail at something. With every failure (falling short of your intended goal) you gain greater understanding and skill which brings your success ever closer.

Success, by the way, is a lot like a rainbow. As you begin to approach it it keeps moving just out of reach. Perhaps this is because many never stop to actually define for themselves just what success means.

You will notice that over my many year career there is quite a variety of subject matter.

This is because I decided early on that it was more important to me to constantly grow and push my aesthetic boundaries, than to fit nicely into a specific category. I am probably best known for my American Indian subjects. Very quickly the spiritual philosophy and artistic temperament of this culture resonated powerfully with my heart.

My primary focus still resides with this subject, but what really drives me, is to understand why people do what they do. The American Indian serves me well as a noble, global representative of humanity.

Animals are next on my current list of must do's.

In the past I have created various series of 'matrix' patined stone designs, children, and even large scale fruit., not to mention monumental commissions of varied subject matter.

This approach to 'freely creating' art may or may not be comfortable for some but, because I intend to he here for a long long time, it definately works for me.

I have worked to make navigating this site intuitive and clear, however, I am open to your input on how best to improve it in any way.

If you choose, sign my guest book and leave a message, and if you really enjoy, please sign up for our mailing list.

...but, don't hold your breath. It will happen when it happens. Before this, however, you may wish to check in on our Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin sites.