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Lincoln Fox Workshop

But if you really need help I will do my best to help you.

I am aware, however, that the best laid plans of even the top professional artists occasionally go awry.

Because I desire to help, yet must protect my time and energy, I have established a schedule of fees I will share later.

Over the last two decades I have personally assisted many sculptors who, for whatever reason, found themselves in desperate need of knowledgeable and skilled help.

Some were ‘under the gun’ and way behind on an important ‘can’t miss’ deadline. More than once I have acted as consultant, coach, and hands-on helper to excellent artists who secured large commissions, but had no idea how to bring them to successful completion.

Once a well known animal sculptor got a large commission which contained a human figure and was more than uncomfortable with that aspect.

I even became a ‘silent’ partner on a project that was quite large-actually sharing in the overall price of the commission when my extended help was required.

You will notice the word ‘SILENT’ in the previous sentence...This is for a reason.

In most professions it seems to be more than ok for the lead person to get all the help they need to assure their success.

In the Fine Arts however, largely because of the lack of understanding, there is some uncomfortableness associated with any ‘hands-on’ help, especially if the one helping might be a recognizable name.

To avoid this situation any help I give remains between the artist and myself.

Over the years I have been deeply involved with many commissions, often spending days and weeks in the artists' studios to guarantee their success.

Some of the artists you would immediately recognize by name, but my involvement with them remains confidential.

...So will I give references for this kind of help? ABSOLUTELY NOT ! ...Please refer to the above discussion.

I have been successful in remaining behind the scene because I am very good at ‘singing in harmony’ with the artists I help; that is, working in their style and the way they see form, while pushing the envelope to whatever extent needed.

If you find yourself in real need I will do my best to schedule a way to help you solve your problem.

I have my own schedule, but many times I am able to rearrange my affairs to meet your need.

...So why do I do this? Because I have been where you are now, and it was most uncomfortable and stressful. At the time I had no one to help me and ended up having to marathon...working far to many non-stop hours to assure my completion date.

I have never missed an installation or unveiling date and I hope you can look back over your career and say the same.


But, if you really need help I will do my best to help you.

Three levels of consultation are available:
· By Telephone
· By Telephone and Camera
· By hands-on, in artists studio

· Help by phone
is generally exploratory, or for more specific needs that can be solved by verbal discussion alone. My rate for this consultation is $400. per hour (billed in15 minute increments). The first 5 minutes are free because your problem may not be applicable to my help, but PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE MY GENEROSITY HERE, because I am more than capable of filling my days with my own affairs.

· Help by telephone and camera
Our technology today allows me to actually see your work while discussing it with you. VThis opens the door for long distance critiques, conferences, and brain storming. My rate for such communication is $400. per hour ( billed in 15 minute increments)- one hour minimum.

· Help by hands-on, in artists studio
$1500. a day (8 hour days) for a minimum of three days, plus travel and lodging expense. *7 days $10,000. plus travel and lodging expense.

Because I am knowledgeable, fast, and extremely focused (I enjoy helping others plus I have to get back to my own work) incredible accomplishments occur within days.

PLEASE NOTE My rates for consultation and liaison work with cities, corporations, and industry (non artists) are more robust, because I have no vested interest there, and they are more able to pay for qualified expertise.